Why We Need to Keep Baltimore Inexplicable!

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A city that has been called:“the southernmost city in the North and the northernmost city in the South;” that goes by the dual nicknames “Charm City” and “Mobtown;” and is best known nationally for fictional TV series about  crime (The Wire and Homicide: Life on the Street)  and a non-fictional series about cake decorating (Ace of Cakes); is not easy to sum up, or even explain.

In fact, there’s a long list of inexplicable things about Baltimore and Keep Baltimore Inexplicable intends to compile it! And why not? Evidence of a multi-faceted, diverse, and (often) contradictory city is not something to be stifled. Instead, it should be celebrated!  And indeed, Keep Baltimore Inexplicable is an organization created to do just that.

We call upon the citizenry to ignore the implementation of simplistic labels such as the lamentable, oft- floated, ‘Keep Baltimore Weird’ slogan, or the ‘Greatest City in The World’ tagline featured on the city’s public benches. Baltimore defies this kind of simplistic explanation and you should too!

To aid us in our cause, we have enlisted luminaries (past and present) to endorse our campaign to Keep Baltimore Inexplicable in a series of posters – Men and women who have either lived, or achieved greatness, in Baltimore. Watch this page in the upcoming weeks for announcements of the great Baltimoreans, past and present, who have joined the campaign to Keep Baltimore Inexplicable!

Frederick Douglass and Francis Scott Key have put aside their past differences on National political issues, to urge you to Keep Baltimore Inexplicable!

With great pleasure we announce our first two celebrity endorsers.  The two most renowned figures of Baltimore Harbor in the 19th Century, Frederick Douglass and Francis Scott Key, who have put aside their past differences on National political issues, to urge you to Keep Baltimore Inexplicable!


Here is a rough of the upcoming poster featuring these two legendary figures from Baltimore’s past.

Frederick Douglass & Francis Scott  Key Urge you to keep Baltimore Inexplicable

Frederick Douglass & Francis Scott Key Urge you to keep Baltimore Inexplicable

What does Baltimore love Most: Technological Innovation, or Tradition? It’s Inexplicable!

When it comes to achievement in technological innovation, Baltimore is second to none among American cities! For instance the first electric refrigerator,the first metal bottle cap, and the first automatic elevator were all invented in Baltimore! However, other aspects of city life are so traditionalist, they could justifiably be called “retrograde.” None more so than the city’s snow removal system, which is based on the neighborhood salt box, such as this one outside the KBI headquarters.salt box